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About LVC



My name is Angelica, better known to family & friends as Angie. I am the creator of La Vida Creative. LVC was born from my longing to reconnect with my passion for creativity & artistic expression.
Ever since I was little I immersed myself into the world of art. This interest followed me to college where I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Design. I worked as a graphic designer prior to investing in my second career in education. I devoted 14 incredible years of my life path to education where I served in roles as a bilingual teacher and administrator. Every year that I worked in education was positively impressionable on who I have become today.
In order to reconnect with my passion I have taken a leap of faith to pursue this new adventure full-time. One of the aspects of my educational career I carry with me into this new chapter of my life is the desire to continue to inspire others, this time with my art and designs. I am excited to share items in my shop that will provide you with opportunities to honor your heritage and inspire you to live your best VIDA!

THANK YOU for being here and for being a part of this journey.
May you live your best VIDA, hoy y siempre!